Do parallel universes really exist? We may live in copyright

Do parallel universes really exist? We may live in copyright

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Parallel universes are no longer just a feature of a good sci-fi story. There are currently some scientific theories that support the idea of ​​parallel universes beyond ours. However, multiverse remains one of the most controversial theories in science.Our universe is bigger than imagined. Hundreds of billions of galaxies spin through space. Each has billions or trillions of stars. Some researchers studying models of the universe speculate that the diameter of the universe may be about 7 billion light years, others think it may be infinity.

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But is it all out there? Science fiction loves the concept of parallel universes. And the idea that we might only live one of the infinite number of possible lives Multiverses are not reserved for "Star Trek", "Spiderman" and "Doctor Who" the real scientific theories have explored. and in some cases advocate the case of the outer universe, parallel to or far from but reflecting our universe.Multiverses and parallel worlds are often contested in the context of other important scientific concepts such as the Big Bang, string theory, and quantum mechanics.

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Eternal Swelling, The Big Bang Theory, and Parallel Universes about 13.7 billion years ago Everything we know is a little singularity. It exploded out of action. Inflates faster than the speed of light in all directions in a fraction of a second. Before 10^-32 seconds elapsed, the universe exploded outward to 10^26 times its original size in a process known as cosmic inflation. That was all before the actual expansion of matter. that we tend to think of as the Big Bang itself. This is the result of all inflation: when inflation slows. Matter and radiation appeared.
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