Workers digging gas pipe in Peru find 2,000-year-old grave

Workers digging gas pipe in Peru find 2,000-year-old grave

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Archaeologists said Thursday that A worker installs a gas pipe on a street in Lima. capital city of peru Remains of a pre-Hispanic tomb found This includes a 2,000-year-old ceramic burial vessel.This discovery that we see today is 2,000 years old,” archaeologist Cecilia Camargo told AFP at the site.So far, there are six human bodies that we have recovered. including children and adults along

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with a set of ceramic vessels expressly made to bury them.Experts believe the location in La Victoria's Lima district may be linked to a culture known as the "Blanco sobre Rojo" or "White on Red" that settled on Peru's central coast in the Chillon Valley, Rimac and Lurin rivers. Three lines that cross LimaSo far, we have recovered approximately 40 ships of different shapes associated with the White on Red pattern,” said Camargo, Calidda's head of cultural heritage.

Some bottles are very distinctive in this era and style. which has a double spout and a bridge handle,” Camargo said.When ancient artifacts are discovered and are still common in Peru. Every public service company performing the excavations has archaeologists in-house, including Calidda, a Colombian-funded company that sells natural gas in Lima and in the nearby port of Callao.
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