What does China's lunar about the evolution of the moon?

What does China's lunar about the evolution of the moon?

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the Chang'e-5 lunar rover China's moon has returned from the moon with about 2 kilograms of lunar samples, the first time in more than four decades that samples have been brought back from the lunar surface.

After several months of studying Scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) have revealed their groundbreaking discovery. The paper has been published in the world's leading scientific journals such as Science, Nature and China's National Science Review.

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Scientists from the Institute of Geology and Geophysics at CAS have succeeded in determining the age of basalt in a 2 billion-year-old Chang'e-5 sample with an error of just 4 million years.Ahead of Chang'e-5, the youngest lunar sample ever collected from the 1970 NASA Apollo mission, which is 2.8 to 3 billion years old, Chinese lunar samples have been said to have extended the duration of volcanic eruptions. on the moon for at least 800 million years

The groundbreaking revelation also raises new questions. Also about the closest neighbor in our galaxy: the moon is small and bright and has no atmosphere and very little magnetic field. Why did it preserve the volcano for so long?Scientists propose two theories. One is that radioactive elements detected on the surface of the moon may also be present in its mantle. by providing the heat necessary to turn the mantle into magma. Another theory is that the moon's mantle used to hold a lot of water. This makes the mantle thaw at a lower temperature.
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