The Quality LED Grow Lights 32% OFF 2021

The Quality LED Grow Lights 32% OFF 2021

Postby frgrowpackage » Sat Nov 27, 2021 8:26 am

ECO Farm grow light is one the best LED grow lights for indoor plants because of its grow light spectrum. This provides plants with a wide range of lights to optimize their growth and lets you grow all kinds of crops year round. You can use these LED lights for hydroponic and indoor growing.

ECO Farm MB4 880W Master/Station Version Spectrum Tunable Samsung +Osram Chips Full Spectrum Samsung LED Grow Lights Strips +UV IR



ECO Farm Master/Station version foldable LED fixture, with 8 bars, could evenly cover 4’X4’ and 5X5’ area.

Actual 880W light, provide powerful and quality light to the plant.

High-efficiency full spectrum light strips: Using Samsung white chips and Osram red chips, could up to 2.8 μmol/J, PPF up to 2184 μmol/s.

Master version light with built-in LCD color screen, showing the detailed status of the fixture and its group members. Such as dimming percentage, wattage, amps, PPF value, spectrum, timer status.

If you also need commerical LED grow light strips, welcome to visit our official website:
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