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MOWING ROTA - Volunteers Needed

Karen Millhouse will be your contact for this year, If you could spare a little of your time, please help by choosing a few dates on the attached rota. It would be very much appreciated.

Dave Gassor has already helped hugely by doing the first cut, so if we can keep it rolling it will make it a lot easier. All new volunteers are very welcome, full training will be available to ensure safe and confident use of the mower.

If you can please let Karen know if you are interested and the dates that you are available, she will update the rota. A copy can also be found on the club notice board.


Do not forget to check the 'Events Page' for the latest information on forthcoming events.


Any member buying any items from Midland Chandlers will receive a 5% discount with their Soar Boating membership card. Also when the amount reaches £500 on a card that they hold for us. Midland chandlers will send the club a voucher worth £20 for the clubs use or as a raffle prize. .


Did you know that as a member of S.B.C. you are entitled to a 5% discount when you renew your R.C.R.membership

On renewal please state and quote our club code number, you will find this on the club notice board or contact John Storton

If you have no claims discount you will get another 5% discount, and if you renew by Direct Debit you receive a further 5% discount

We are grateful to one of our members who found out about the discount for members

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